Precast concrete wall caps (or coping) can be placed on any wall to add protection and beauty.

Three types of coping are available: regular sloped, flat, and tiered. Corner and end pieces are also available in most sizes.

When deciding what size of wall cap to use, calculate the width measurement by measuring the width of the wall and adding at least 3/4" on each side for overhang. An overhang will allow the water to drip off of the edge and protect the wall beneath. For example, an 8" wall would need at least a 9 5/8" wide coping.

Please call for a more accurate description or product prices.

Sizes Available:
Wall Copings - Plain / Saddleback
175 x 75 215 x 75
300 x 75
450 x 75

Wall Copings – Moulded / Saddleback
200 x 85 250 x 85
350 x 85
450 x 100

Wall Copings – Flat
450 x 100 550 x 100

Wall Copings – Pointed
300 x 300

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Pointed Wall Copings
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Curved Wall Copings on Private House

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