Precast concrete lintels are used as headers above windows and doorways. They can be used to highlights different parts of a building. Lintels come in a plain or rockface finish. Several of our standard pieces can also be used as lintels.

Lintels may be made of wood, stone, steel or reinforced or pre tensioned concrete.

We stock a number of different sized pre-stressed concrete lintels. All sizes of fair/faced lintels available or made to suit.

Steel/linked Lintels
Steel/linked lintels available to suit all dimensions.


Please call for a more accurate description or product prices.

Sizes Available:
Lintels pre pressed
150 x 150 x 100 boot
150 x 100 standard
215 x 100 standard

lintels precast
150 x 150 x 100 boot
150 x 100 standard
140 x 140 standard
215 x 100 standard
215 x 140 standard

215 x 215 standard

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Sill Head Lintel
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Pre Cast Lintels




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